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Dr Ortho Oil


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Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic Medicinal oil is one of the best solutions for various pain associated with muscles, legs, back, neck, joints and shoulders. Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic Oil is the blend of ancient knowledge of Ayurveda with modern facilities. The combination of various herbs in formulation provide rich source of healing compounds which has tendencies to relieve from pain even in chronic conditions. These active ingredients help in stimulation of blood circulation, stiff muscles and limbs, body ache, muscular pains, severe joint pain or swelling, joint aches and pains. Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic Medicinal Oil does not cause any side effect and adversity. Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic Oil has good spread ability with quick absorption over the affected area. Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic oil is a natural way to benefits in various pain conditions with long lasting effects.

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