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Moringa Seed Oil


Our Moringa Seed Oil is 100% pure, mixing and preservative free

Moringa Seed oil comes from the seeds of moringa oliefera tree.It is extremely rich in phttonutrients. This makes it a very ideal anti-aging oil. It helps remove the wrinkles and prevents sagging of the skin. It is filled with antioxidents that slowdown the aging process and help curb the activity of free radicals.


Moringa seed oil helps fight skin fatigue and it’s oil secretion.It is a great skin purifier and gives it a natural glow. It cures acne and works wonders in removing blackheads and spots.

Massaging moringa seed oil in your hair will moisturize your scalp. Make your hair stronger and longer by delivering important minerals and vitamins and also fight dandruff and split ends.

‘Moringa Seed Oil’ is rich in vitamin C and can be used to boost immunity, aid a goodnight sleep, protect bones and soothe nervous system.

Once Opened use within 1 Year.


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