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Skin Cylinder Hyaluronic Acid Essence Concentrate


Bioaqua Products in Pakistan


BIOAQUA Brand Skin Care Cylinder Whitening Moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid Liquid Anti Wrinkle Anti Aging Collagen Essence

  • Supplement Skin Moisture
  • Brightens the Complexion
  • Pores Tightening
  • Smooth Transparent Skin
  • Mild Skin Care
  • Bring Water Embellish Nourish Intensive Hydrating
  • Make Skin Feel Soft & Reduce Skin Dryness, Roughness
  • Improve Skin Facial Tension

Step 1:After cleaning the skin, and dry skin surface moisture
Step 2:Unscrew the lid, gently push the needle will push the right amount of product in the palm
Step 3:Gently massage until absorbed
Step 4:After using the skin tender, feel comfortable

Quantity: 10ML


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