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Ageless Male




Ageless Male is a natural testosterone enhancing supplement that contains an exclusive, unique blend of natural ingredients and LJ100® – an extract from the herbal shrub called Eurycoma longifolia Jack that has been shown to have an effect on free testosterone levels in the body. If you are a male, 30 years or older, you may be experiencing fatigue, weakness, depression, and an overall drop in your sex drive. These unwelcome changes in your well-being are all symptoms of decreasing testosterone levels. After all, testosterone is what makes a man “a man”. The only science-based Eurycoma longifolia jack extract on the market! Eurycoma longifolia jack is an herbal shrub native to Indonesia and Malaysian rainforests. This powerful ancient plant has many traditional uses involving male sexual health. Ageless Male’s LJ100® is extracted from plants wild-harvested from the rain forest using aqueous solvent and freeze drying techniques. Created by the original researchers at MIT and University Malaya, LJ100® has been shown to have an effect on free testosterone levels in men, support a lean body and strength with exercise and to support a healthy sex life.