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Air pressure Leg Massager




Air Press Massager is a great way to relax your sore and tired legs, feet, calves and ankles. The battery powered pump pushes air into and out of the chambers of the boot. This compressed air massage system makes your legs and feet feel incredible. Slip your legs into the boots, use the hand held remote to turn on the air pump and immediately feel the chamber fill with air and knead your legs and soothe your sore muscles.


Pressure pampers your calves, ankles and feet at the same time. The remote control features multiple intensity levels so you get just the level of massage that you want. And it’s so quiet, you can enjoy the pleasure while reading or watching TV. The Air Press Massager is an incredible value, selling for half the price of other systems.

General Feature

“You truly have to feel it to believe it!”



  • Precise Air Tubes efficiently inflate and deflate the air chambers.
  • Powerful Remote Control features multiple intensity levels. Works on batteries for portable or AC adapter.
  • The compressed air gently applies and release pressure, for the ultimate leg and foot massage.
  • Massage Boots soothe tired calves, ankles and feet.

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