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Bherav Pataka Oil



Bherav Pataka oil has named due to the mystery recipe of this oil has been given over to us by a bherav tantric from benaras .

Elements For Pataka Oil:

Kalaunji oil (little fennel/nigella seed)

Dhatura ext. (datura stramonium)

Sura sar (nitrre saltpeter)


BHAIRAV Pataka Oil an organ Massage Oil with 100% safe Ayurvedic Preparation mixed with basic mystery love potion valuable herbs reasonable for treating organ erection issue.

bherav Pataka Oil is imagined to straightforwardly stack androstenedione (the testosterone/estrogen forerunner), Vitamin E and other helpful herbs to the penile tissues and cells.it goes about as a tonic for the worn out nerves This will help revive the neuro-blood vessel neurotransmitters for cell regeneration.its a period tried mixed drink of valuable herbs for your most imperative substantial organ.

. Natural fixings in Oiil have restorative matchless quality for harmed and sore organ. Oiil (Penis knead Oil) will help in reestablishing the blurring cells in supple tissue.

Oiil follows up on the privately harmed skin, and furthermore on the internal layer and also the skin sub layer. The skin sub layer is packed with vessels and veins. Oiil follows up on this layer of the skin from outside in as it gets retained. The penile supple structure tissues deflect the Oiil from puncturing into the center of the two penile barrels. It requires a harder erection for the Oiil to get into the center of the penile chambers. The empty spaces in the elastic tissues are the obstacle of the substance dispersion (infiltration) for the Oiil. Generous filling the light tissues with blood will permit the Oiil fixings to scatter into the center for healing activity and restoration

The most effective method to Use Pataka Massage Oil:

Apply 5 to 10 Drops of Oil on the semi erect Organ consistently for 4 to 5 Minutes for 2-3 months and feel the progressions independent from anyone else. The total direction booklet comes free with the bundle.



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