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Biofreeze Spray


Biofreeze Warnings

Avoid applying Biofreeze to irritated skin or an open wound.

Using a heating pad, lamp, or hot water bottle over the area where you’ve applied Biofreeze can cause blistering.

After applying Biofreeze to an area, leave it exposed to the air — don’t bandage it.

Avoid getting the drug in your eyes, ears, or on mucous membranes, such as your nose, mouth, or your genitalia.

Wash your hands with cool water after applying Biofreeze.

Talk to your doctor or pharmacist before using Biofreeze if you have sensitive skin. Also let them know if you’re using any other creams, sprays, or ointments on that same area.


Biofreeze is the brand name for several products containing menthol.

When you apply it to your skin, Biofreeze relieves underlying aches and pains caused by tight, sore muscles and by joints stiffened by arthritis.

Biofreeze is a topical analgesic that works by a counter irritant effect that is, it creates a cooling sensation in the area where it is applied, which replaces the painful feeling.

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