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DC Room Heater



-100% Brand new and high quality
-Provides instant heat even in the coldest conditions
-Auto temperature control,cooling and heating mode
-Provides instant heat even in the coldest conditions.
-Provides the comforts for professional drivers and travelers.
-Adjustable mounting bracket for easy positioning

-Fan/heater switch

Material: Ceramic
Color: black
Voltage input:DC12V(ONLY)
Cable length:150cm
Power: 300W

Package Included:
1x Car Heater

-Do not attempt to charge batteries that are For frozen as this will damage thebattery charger.
-Applicable current is 20A or more
-Please check whether the car line is aging before use. If the line is aging, it is not recommended
-Replace the fuse in the event that the product can not heat

-If the product has only cold air but no warm air, that is the fuse overload protection, so needs to check whether the line is aging or if it needs to replace a better fuse.


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