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Derma Seta


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Derma Seta is your professional, handheld mini skin spa that not only helps you remove hair painlessly and effectively, but also exfoliates and helps give you beautiful, radiant skin. Derma Seta provides you with all of the benefits of many spa skin treatments without the expensive spa prices.

No more painful waxing

No one likes to have hot wax poured on them and everyone cringes when it is time to pull the painful waxing paper off. Never again will you have to endure painful waxing treatments because your Derma Seta is not only provide you with the same results, but will also help to save a ton of money compared with visits and expensive spa trips to the doctor for laser hair removal treatments

Small and fits your countertop

Walden? ‘T it be nice to not have to make those embarrassing trips to the salon only to have them give you painful waxing treatments and expensive? Waxing systems, laser, electrical and other takes a ton of space and are embarrassing to have in your home. Stop those embarrassing spa trips and awkward situations when you cannot find a place to store your skin care systems because now you can remove hair painlessly and easily in your home with Derma Seta.

No more wasting time in your bathroom shaving

The Derma Seta not only makes a great painless alternative to waxing or laser treatment for hair removal, but it is also the option of amazing savings and time to having to shave your legs , arms, face and unwanted hair up. Shaving your legs becomes more of a chore and takes a ton of time to finish. You also usually end up missing small patches which can be very embarrassing , not to mention you have to start all over again with shaving creams , razors , washing , etc. .. Why? ‘S worse is that many of us end up with bumps , bumps and cuts which not only sting but can bleed and make our legs and skin look like a mess . Since Derma Seta the painless hair removal system does not use razor blades sharp and dangerous , you can consider cuts and scrapes from shaving a thing of the past ! Not only will you have to endure cuts embarrassing from shaving again, but because of the rotation of 550 per minute and pillows for our crystal Derma , Derma Seta removes hair almost instantly saving you time to do other things besides sitting in a bathroom and shaving your arms and legs .
We all could use extra time to spend with our families , or even just on ourselves , so why not let Derma Seta save you that extra time so you can enjoy your life and not spend it stuck in the throat of the bathroom.