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Flex Core 8 Exercise Machine


  • Lose weight and build muscle at the same time!
  • Supports you where you need it most
  • Sprung resistance for controlled muscle training
  • Easy to set-up and carry
  • Train anywhere


Ab Workout and Exercise Machine

Introducing Flex Core 8, the body sculpting system which combines effective body firming exercises with weight support for safe, controlled workouts.

The two most important elements that are missing from most home workouts are support and resistance. Flex Core 8 is unique in that it performs both of these vital functions to help you flatten your abdomen, shrink your waistline, and melt away those love handles. Plus, sculpt and tone your upper and lower body

Support is an essential aid to training for weight loss. How can you be expected to develop your push-up routine if you can’t lift your body weight on your arms to begin with? And if that first sit-up is too much for your stomach muscles, you’ll never manage the second or third! You need support so you can work the muscles you need to and not have to give up because of weak wrists or a bad back.

Resistance is a key element to making the most of every rep when you need smooth, controlled movement that maximises the development of a specific muscle group. Flex Core 8 lets you work against a force without the need for gym equipment with weights and pulleys.

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