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Hair Rebonding Gel



LOLANE Straight Off Rebonding Gel Set Kit For Dry & Damage Hair Oder less & Easy to use Advanced Technology designed for rebonding process to straighten hair effectively with gel-based formula. It is quick absorbent, convenient and eas6y to use without combing through. It can be applied directly to hair and easy to rinse-off. Featured with LOLANE Hair Repair Treatment which contains bamboo extract and Lysine, it helps nourish and revitalize straightened hair to healthiness with added volume resulting in softness, smoothness and radiant shine. Direction 1. Shampoo without scratching and conditioning then blow dry.Wear protective glove. 2. Mix Well Scent Serum with Straightening Gel No.1 3. Apply Straightening Gel directly to hair, strand by strand. Smooth your hair a few times by fingers, no need to comb, and leave on for approximate 30 mints.(Then check every 20 mints) 4. Rinse it well with water (do not use shampoo)and blow dry. Then straight with iron tong until hair becomes absolutely straightened. 5. Section your hair and apply Hair Fix No.2 directly to hair strand by strand. Smoothen your hair a few times by fingers, no need to comb, and leave on for 20-30 mints. 6. Then rinse thoroughly with water. Apply Hair Repair Treatment all over and leave for 2-5 mints. 7. Rinse it well with water and blow dry.

Kit contents

  1. Lolane Straightening Gel 125 ml.
  2. Lolane Hair Fix 125 ml.
  3. Lolane Hair Repair Treatment 10 g.x 2 sachets
  4. Lolane Scent Serum: Perfume 2 ml.
  5. A Pair of Gloves


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