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Handy Massager





  • The unique combination of heat and percussion.
  • Utilize chain wheel to a adjust the massage intensity.
  • Adjustable speed, Ergonomic handle.
  • Long handle with AC cord.
  • SH-0506 Handheld Percussion Massager.

Product Description

Sometimes you need a gentle massage; sometimes you need a vigorous, strong massage. This Hand held Massager with different speeds, gentle heat; long handle will relax your sore muscles and lets you get back to your life Relax and release tense muscles with a soothing heat massage. The soft comfort grip, designed for extra balance allows you to massage hard-to-reach muscle groups. Feel emotionally released. Why take pain medicines when you can manage your pain with this deep, stimulating Foot Massager. By getting massage helps the cells in the muscles and skin loosen up and expand, reduce the pain, increase oxygen levels to the cells, and gives excellent blood circulation. !.


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