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Makeup Concealer Modified Cover Defect Pen


Bioaqua Products in Pakistan



  • Creating Flawless Makeup
  • Fresh & Comfortable Not Greasy
  • Cover The Skin Pores, Evenly Bright, Moisture Flawless
  • Isolation of the External Environment on the skin
  • Skin Moisturizing Create Nude Makeup

Beeswax: makes skin perfectly clear and moistured
Moisturizing: moisturizing to create the skin texture rich layers of looking finish, so that the skin showing a soft textrue
Nourishment Care: delicate and light powder can be closely integrated with the skin not floating powder

Color: 01 Natural Color, 02 Ivory White Color, 03 Light Skin Color

1. Clean the face and use toner to moisturize to be absorbed by the skin.
2. Slowly rotating the bottom of the concealer pen exposed smear concealer parts.
3. Use makeup sponge to push evenly and smudge the edge

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