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Plasma Pen



Working principle:
The machine produces high-voltage micro-current, when contact skin, will produce current spark, cause the skin carbonization, to remove the freckles & moles.

1. Using the latest high technology and high quality battery.
2. Three gears optional, more flexible
3. Unique Electric Ion Technology, without electric shock, without hurting, without blooding
4. Rechargeable, High capacity battery, It can work more than 5 hours after full charging.
5. 3 fashional colors for choose: Gold, White, Red


1. Remove moles
2. Remove wart (verruca)
3. Remove freckle, dask spot
4. Remove fleshy nevus
5. Remove tattoo

Package Includes:
1x Main Machine ( 1 Big and 1 Small Needle)
1x USB Cable
1x Manual


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