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Sandalwood Oil



Sandalwood Oil Pakistan

Sandalwood Oil Pakistan. Sandalwood oil is very good as an antiseptic and anti-viral agent. Pure Sandalwood oil is best for Aromatherapy & is very beneficial for Hair and Skin Whitening. The major constituents of the sandalwood oil are Beta Santalol, Santyl Acctate & Santalenes. Sandalwood oil is mostly used in Skin Care & beauty treatments as well in many industrial products such as mouth fresheners, incense sticks, edibles, room fresheners, perfumes, lotions, soaps and creams. Sandalwood oil moisturizes the skin, provides relief from inflammation & irritation, cures, infections and keeps you felling relax and cool.

Benefits of Sandalwood Oil

  • Sandalwood oil lowers bad cholesterol
  • Sandalwood oil helps in weight loss
  • Sandalwood oil heals scars & spots
  • Sandalwood oil boosts immune system
  • Sandalwood oil strengthens gums & muscles
  • Sandalwood oil helps in treating urinary infections
  • Sandalwood oil treats problems associated with spams
  • Sandalwood oil improves memory and concentration
  • Sandalwood oil promotes mental clarity
  • Sandalwood oil helps to create a feeling of relaxation & peace
  • Sandalwood oil is a natural aphrodisiac which can help increase libido for men & provide energy
  • Sandalwood oil is an astringent which may induce minor contractions in our soft tissues & helps soothe, tighten as well cleanse the skin
  • Sandalwood oil is very good as an antiseptic & anti-viral agent
  • Sandalwood oil is best for internal as well external purposes when applied externally it protects wounds, sores, boils and pimples from developing infection
  • Sandalwood oil helps protect internal wounds & ulcers from infections when ingested
  • Sandalwood oil is an anti-inflammatory agent which may provide relief from mild inflammation like insect bites, contact irritations & other skin conditions
  • Sandalwood oil may help reduce Endometriosis which is a painful condition caused by skin from the uterus & decrease inflammation
  • Sandalwood oil is best for Aromatherapy
  • Sandalwood oil is very beneficial for hair & skin whitening


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