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Viamax Tight Gel


Breast enlargement cream Pakistan



  • Committed to female pleasure, Viamax has created a tightening gel that’s will give you a sensation unlike any other! With a dual moistening and astringent effect, the gel is a great compliment to kegel strengthening exercises and toy-use for heightening sensitivity and causing a tightening sensation. If you wish to feel more, to have longer, more powerful orgasms and experiment with new sensations, add Tight Gel to your erotic endeavors!
  • Enhancing vaginal tightness after childbirth with the help of with herbal blends is a tradition that has been practiced in the east for centuries. Inspired by this herbal knowledge Viamax have, with the help of modern refining technologies developed a product that effective gives an unbelievable vaginal squeezing sensation.
  • This tightening effect enhances sensitivity for both parts during intercourse and creates a unique experience.
  • This Intimate gel containing Phyto-estrogen and various tropical herbal extracts.
  • The tightening sensation of the vagina occurs 15 minutes after application and the formula also stimulates the G-Spot and natural lubrication. Sensitivity increases with each application. Condom safe.

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