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Yonggang Tablets in Pakistan depends on oral, Yam, yellow, schisandra remove, epimedium, Ginseng is for the most part produced using crude materials of wellbeing nourishment items, as indicated by the Yin-Yang rule of complementarity, the fire and aggregate alleviation, begetter of conventional Chinese medication of drug sustenance homology, Yonggang Tablets in Islamabad  utilizing the worldwide propelled innovation and Chinese pharmaceutical extraction creation prepare refined by. Yonggang Tablets in Lahore This item can change in accordance with keep up the body’s physiological adjust, easing physical exhaustion, supplementary nourishment, enhance their wellbeing, are exceptional sustenance and rest mass of black out in the elderly.

Yonggang Tablets Main Ingredients

Epimedium 20%, Schisandra Fruit 15%

Morinada officinalis 20%, Poria 10%

Chinese Yam 15%,Ginseng 5%

Wolfberry Fruit 5% , Polygonatum Sibiricum 10%

[Health mind Function]: Fatigable people

Yonggang Tablets Effects

1.Improves power and additionally penis erection solidness

2.Enhances vitality and closeness

3.Relieves discouragement

4.Regains sexual longing

5.Maintains vitality for men


  1. Short and little penis, delicate erection, unfortunate development of male conceptive organ, feeble kidney.
  2. Contracting of moderately aged and old man who experience the ill effects of untimely discharge, sexual turmoil.

Yonggang Tablets Main ingredients Chinese wolfberry, Chinese Yam, yellow, schisandra extricate, epimedium, ginseng

Specification 750mg*8 tablets/box.

Yonggang Tablets Edible strategy and dosage orally, 1-2 tablets each opportunity to be takenbefore dinner

Yonggang Tablets Unsuitable crowds] Pregnant women,infants and Juvenile

Yonggang Tablets Specification]750mg/estimate * 8 tablets

Yonggang Tablets Shelf time]: 2years

Yonggang Tablets Storage] sealed, buy a cool dry place

[Note] Pregnant or breastfeeding women, or people with a serious illness, should consult their medical professional before taking YongGang. Keep out of reach of children. Please read inside leaflet carefully before taking.Yonggang Tablets in Pakistan can not replace drugs Specially produced for natural health products ( By UAE

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