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Top Ten Cosmetics Brands in Pakistan

Following is a list of 10 of the best Cosmetics Brands in Pakistan

1- Mac

Mac Cosmetic Pakistan

Macintosh remains for make-up beatufiers. It was established by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo. Macintosh delivers an incredible accumulation of beauty care products items. It doesn’t just address the needs of some specific class; rather the results of this brand are created for diverse clients keeping in view the needs of all classes.

2- Revlon

Revlon Cosmetics Pakistan

Revlon is one of the most seasoned excellence organizations of the world which is to a great extent known for assembling lips-sticks and other make-up items. The healthy skin results of this brand further add to the prominence of it and clients put incredible trust in purchasing its items. Its nail hues and hair hues are to a great degree stunning.

3. Maybelline

Maybelline Cosmetics Pakistan

Maybelline is another of the best beautifying cosmetic brands available in Pakistan. The results of this brand are generally prominent in all parts of the world. Ladies, especially while getting prepared for a few gatherings, dependably like to utilize the nonessential results of this brand. These items help them to look pretty and make them alluring in vicinity of various types of individuals.

4. Clinique

Clinique Cosmetics Pakistan

Clinique is a standout amongst the most broadly utilized corrective brands of the world. Clinique is viewed as the first ever restorative brand that is sensitivity tried. The results of Clinique are prescribed by the dermatologists that further draws in an extraordinary number of clients towards this brand. make up normally depends from skin sorts of the people in light of the fact that each one has an entirely unexpected skin sort however clinique gives you an entire scope of items that are suitable for all skin types.ave the force that can change the way individuals take a gander at you.

5. L’Oreal

LOreal Cosmetics Pakistan

L’Oreal Group is another of the best nonessential brands in 2013. The results of this brand are my undisputed top choices. This brand began its business from assembling the hair shading related items, yet bit by bit extended its viewpoint as the time passed. The purging and magnificence results of L’Oreal Group are viewed as all that much better than some other brand.

6. Etude

Etude Cosmetics Pakistan

All the more over Etude is essentially a South Korean construct brand which has risen with respect to the scene in a brief time of time. Quickly this brand has turn out to be exceptionally well known and the reason is only the nature of the results of Etude. The results of this incredible beauty care products brand are for the most part known for their moderateness, unwavering quality and reliability.

7. Oriflame

Oriflame Cosmetics Pakistan

Oriflame was established in 1967 by two Swedish siblings and now it has get to be sixth best beauty care products marks on the planet. The best component of this acclaimed brand is healthy skin items. The restorative results of this brand are utilized as a part of more than 60 nations and as a result of which it holds a bigger partake in universal business sector. In spite of their expert tries, this brand has likewise related it to different philanthropy programs too.

8. Urban Decay

Urban Decay Cosmetics Pakistan

Urban Decay is an American based brand which was built up in 1996. It is fascinating to note that attributable to its extremely valuable items, Urban Decay has caught a substantial offer of business sector in brief time of time. The most broadly known results of this brand are Glide On Eye, Shadow Pencils and Naked accumulation which embodies palettes.

9. Covergirl

Covergirl Cosmetics Pakistan

Glamor girl is another American based cosmetic brand that is profoundly famous everywhere throughout the world. It is fascinating to note that Cover Girl contributes an incredible measure of cash on notice. The beauty care products results of this brand are utilized by broad individuals as well as by the renowned VIPs.

10. Avon

Avon Cosmetics Pakistan

Avon is another of the best cosmetic brand marks in 2013. It holds the refinement to be viewed as the second largestdirect offering organization of the world. Besides, Avon is likewise the fifth biggest excellence organization which offers its items in more than 140 nations.

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