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Bioaqua Pure Pearls



It contains hydratlyzed pearl essence, gentle texture and comfortable rich and delicate foam, facial skin clean excess oil and dirt. Water and oil balance of the skin the skin moist and tender pearl like glow and clean

  • Pure Pearl Essences
  • Gentle Cleanser
  • Nourish & Tender Skin
  • Balancing Skin Water & Oil Control
  • Skin Moisturizer
  • Tightens Pores
  • Brightens the Skin

Tips: Due to the characteristics of each person’s skin is different so that adaptability are also different. Before using any new products we recommend you to try on the skin behind the ear, if they feel unwell or abnormal ski reaction stop using it. Sensitive skin with caution.

1.Hydra Tender Facial Cleanser
Gentle and cleaning
Nourish and tender
Fresh and comfortable
Gentle daliy care neccessary

2.Moisturizing Pearl Essence Skin Care
Balancing skin water and oil Control
Moisturizing the skin
Reduce skin dryness

3.Silky Soft Moist Deep Cleaning
Nourish skin
Contractive pores
Brighten skin

Step 1: Take appropriate cleanser on hand.
Step 2: Cleaning facial skin after foam.
Step 3: Gently circlely clean face by finers.
Step 4: T zone oil secretion,takes more time to massage.

Quantity: 100g


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