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Bird Food


A rich mixture of grains and grass seeds for small finches, e.g. zebra finches, golden sparrows, silverbills, tricoloured nuns etc. EXOTEN contains shiny, healthy seeds from plants cultivated on the best farms. Regular feeding has a positive effect on the condition and plumage of the birds and their readiness to breed.



Bluemax Enterprises ® aims to enrich the quality of life of pets and other animals.

Our team is continuously working to find and bring the best products and brands to Pakistan. Thus, you can ensure that products and brands you find under our banner are of high quality and original.

We are attempting to create a platform with the biggest range of quality products for you. Now we are presenting the most modern and Europe’s best pet food line Tropical (Poland) dog food, cat food, bird’s food and fish food.

Bluemax Enterprises ® is the exclusive distributor of Tropical (Poland) in Pakistan



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