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Cat Food


TropiCat Kitten is a Super Premium food with chicken and salmon for 2-12 months old kittens, pregnant and breast-feeding female cats. This optimally balanced food meets all the dietary needs of growing kittens, enhancing their growth, strengthening their skeletons and encouraging mass gain. A unique formula ImmunoActive+ enhances natural immunity, stimulating growth of intestinal micro flora. Spinach, nettle and eggs are the source of valuable, easily assimilable natural vitamins. Furthermore, substances found in nettle facilitate alimentary and urinary tracts. The structure and size of the granules are adjusted to the permanent teeth of young kittens. Together with sodium poly phosphate and cellulose fibers, it minimizes the risk of tartar deposition at the very early stage, ensuring healthy teeth in later life.

Growth Support Formula
– steady growth of the whole body
– supporting skeletal mineralization
– providing components indispensable for proper development of kittens’ brains
Strong Heart & Healthy Eyes
– strengthening heart
– energy, vigour
– healthy eyes
Beauty & Care
– healthy and shiny fur
ImmunoActive +
– the immune system enhancement
Dental Care Formula
– minimising the risk of tartar deposition
– healthy teeth and gums
Natural Vitamin Booster
– supplying easily assimilable vitamins from natural sources
Optimal Digestive Formula
– regulation of digestive processes
– development of proper intestinal flora
Odor Control Formula
– reduction of the unpleasant smell of the faeces

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Bluemax Enterprises ® aims to enrich the quality of life of pets and other animals.

Our team is continuously working to find and bring the best products and brands to Pakistan. Thus, you can ensure that products and brands you find under our banner are of high quality and original.

We are attempting to create a platform with the biggest range of quality products for you. Now we are presenting the most modern and Europe’s best pet food line Tropical ( Poland)  ( dog food, cat food, birds food and fish food).

 Bluemax Enterprises ® is the exclusive distributor of Tropical  ( Poland )  in Pakistan


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