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DermalMD Intimate Lightening Serum




Are you struggling to find lightening creams for your intimate areas? Find most lightening creams too harsh or ineffective on intimation regions of your skin? DermalMD Intimate Lightening Cream is specially curated to make the skin in the intimate areas lighter. While most other whitening and lightening creams in the market are formulated for generic use and facial skin, DermalMD Intimate Lightening Cream has been scientifically validated to work best on the following areas:

  1. Under the arms
  2. Anal region
  3. Vaginal region
  4. Darkened areolas on the breasts

At DermalMD, your health and wellness are our collective priorities. To that end, DermalMD Intimate Lightening Cream has been formulated to be gentle on the sensitive intimate areas. Instead of using harsh exfoliants which that can irritate, dry and even abrade the skin, DermalMD Intimate Lightening Cream leverages natural biochemicals which deconstruct melanin and inhibit its production. Melanin is a natural pigment produced by our skin cells which imparts darkening and hyperpigmentation onto the skin. Melanin is also responsible for freckles and aging spots which can leave unsightly marks on the intimate areas.

DermalMD Intimate Lightening Cream will:

  1. Reduce the hyperpigmentation caused by melanin on the intimate areas
  2. Nourish the underlying dermis in order to confer a youthful appearance
  3. Rejuvenate the fibroblasts in the epidermis to stimulate collagen production
  4. Even the skin tone in the intimate areas by inhibiting the production of melanin
  5. Lighten the skin that has been darkened by an overproduction of melanin and sun exposure

Not all intimate area darkening is caused by sunlight exposure. In fact, women with Fitzpatrick type III-IV skin are generally predisposed to darkening of the breast areolas, vulva and anal skin. Women who have breastfed or have had inflammatory conditions affecting these areas can also have post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The resultant darkening can cause an asymmetry in appearance and result in a stark contrast in skin tone. Other triggers such as rough fabrics, cold weather, the menstrual cycle, stress, personal soaps and antiperspirants, menstrual pads, douching products, tampons and feminine wipes can also cause or worsen hyperpigmentation in the intimate areas. Even personal habits and behavior such as grooming methods (e.g. electric razor, waxing, laser therapy and depilatory creams) can affect the degree of hyperpigmentation in the intimate areas.

With these factors in mind, women are strongly encouraged to use a cream that is specifically dedicated to reversing the hyperpigmentation of their intimate areas. DermalMD Intimate Lightening Cream consists of a synergistic blend of ingredients that are appropriate for the sensitive and under-exposed skin of the intimate regions.


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