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Lal Mirch Powder




Red Chili Powder, Lal Mirch, Pure Lal Mirch, 100% Pure Guaranteed

600/PKR 1-KG

Red Chili Powder is prepared by using Red Chilies, allowed it to sun dried till they become crisp after which they are grinded into fine powder become red chili powder. Generally one or two varieties of dried red chilies are blended together and made into a fine powder on the basis of the desired color and the pungency of
the powder. It is used as a ground spice powder to enrich extra flavor to dishes and also plays an indispensable ingredient role in all dishes, People uses it as per their tastes. We ensure that you get the purest spice powder, by selecting only the finest raw materials, from our online Indian Wholesale shop, and also you will get a hot taste spicy and a natural red color powder, enabling you to prepare delicious food for your family every time. Further, Red chili powder provides an authentic and aromatic flavor to all our Indian Food verities. This one is not only used for Indian Cuisine, also widely used in Caribbean and Spanish Cuisine, to improve the taste for their food verities. The color and flavor of red chili powder depends on the variety of red chilies used to make the powder.

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